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Sulawesi Toraja Tour visiting Funeral Ceremony, Stone Grave, Hanging Grave, Traditional Village with Tongkonan House with Local Tana Toraja Tour Guide


Sulawesi Toraja Tour visiting Traditional Village

Why do people choose Sulawesi Toraja as Tour destination?

We Spoke to many travelers while on Sulawesi (Celebes) and they all seemed to say the same things. They had come to Sulawesi (Celebes) and exploring TANA TORAJA because they either had heard such wonderful things from friends or relatives who had been there, Or they had visited previously themselves. What people seemed to like the best were The friendly people, the culture and the untouched beauty of Sulawesi at most.

After Bali and Java, the third most popular destination in Indonesia is Sulawesi. Sulawesi island contains a great variety of exotic people, culture and natural wonders. It is another unspoilt paradise. A journey into the strange world of mysterious Toraja People is truly a rare adventure, made especially eerie by their hauting tombs - holes carved out of sheer rock faces guarded by wooden effigies that stare out across the jungle.

Visit Tana Toraja While The Culture Still Intact!

Tana Toraja or Toraja Land is situated 328 kms north of Makassar (UjungPandang), the capital city of South Sulawesi (Celebes). Tana Toraja is a mountainous area.The slope of the limestone mountains are covered with various kinds of bamboo, pine trees, coffee and many other kinds of tropical plants. The wet rice terraces and clove bushes also beautify the area.

The total area of TANA TORAJA is 3,205.77  kms. According to the 2010 cencus, the population of the regency numbered 437,843 people living in two towns (Makale and Rantepao), and in 65 villages. It is important to note that more then houndards of thousand of Torajans live outside Tana Toraja. Most of them comprise job seekers, University students, soldiers and business people.

The long drive from the lowlands to the mountain stronghold of TANA TORAJA opens up a breath-taking new world. The rugged mountains and verdant valleys are home to a  people  who love of  religious spectacle is equaled only  by  their  hospitality. With majestic panoramas, captivting villages and dramatic ceremonies, Tana Toraja is the undisputed highlight of any journey to Sulawesi (Celebes) - Indonesia.

Tana Toraja Tour visiting Stone Grave Tana Toraja Tour visit Tau tau

IndoGlobal Adventure, is providing local tour guide in Toraja, Sulawesi. We organize Toraja Tours & Trekking, Camping trekking, Rafting, Orchid-trip, Motorbike Adventure, Mount Climbing, Wild Adventure, and many others activities in Toraja, Sulawesi. Our daily service is including toraja tour and trekking, car rental, motor cycle rental, hotel reservation, Bus ticket reservation, Toraja off beaten treks, culture tour, Funeral Ceremony information.

Tour to Toraja with a Local Tour Guide will be very enjoyable when visit toraja, where You can have latest information about Local event's such funeral ceremony or others Local event's that may be possible to visit on Your stay.

Megalith Tour at Sulawesi Toraja



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